Heavy Oil Applications

As oil viscosity increases, it becomes more difficult to get the oil to flow into the well bore and get pumped to the surface.

Steam is used to create high temperature well streams which need to be monitored for oil/water production rates. The Agar OW-201 Hi-Temp has been field-proven in temperatures up to 230 degrees C (450 degrees F) and has a patented ability to measure changing salinities making it the industry’s preferred technology. Learn More

Waste Water Treatment

The use of the Agar System 2 provides economic benefits in Oil Skimmer Applications.

It improves the efficiency of hydrocarbon recovery from the API separator. It eliminates waste water recycling, produces higher quality recovered hydrocarbon, allows for a decrease in chemical usage and improves the quality of the wastewater. Learn More

Automatic Tank Dewatering

Over time, storage tanks containing hydrocarbon feedstocks, will accumulate water. Manual control of the water draw-off can result in HC in the discharge.

This means less product for sale and increase in the cost of waste water treatment. In-tank interface detectors give the best results for eliminating the discharge of hydrocarbons. In-line hydrocarbon/water monitors avoids tank penetration and eliminates the bottom sediment build-up and the free water in the tank. Learn More / See Animation

Foam Detection & Control

The Agar Foam Detector, operating on the principle of energy absorption, provides early detection as foam begins to form. The information is used to control and optimize the defoamer injection rate resulting in a reduction of chemical costs, minimal liquid entrainment, protection of downstream equipment, and reduced process upsets. Learn More / See Animation

Production Separators

Free Water Knock-Outs & Heater Treaters.

The Agar ID-201 controls the on/off dump valve when the probe detects a preset value and ensures that only oil-free water is dumped and emulsions accumulate above the probe. Learn More

Amine Contactors

Contamination of the amine systems results in operational and environmental challenges for the operator. Foam Detector optimizes the anti-foam chemical injection rate reducing the overall chemical costs down. The Agar ID-201 and Agar OW-201 are used in conjunction to draw off hydrocarbon to protect downstream equipment and ensure that lean amine with minimal hydrocarbon is sent out to the contactors for maximum absorption efficiency. Learn More

Multiphase Flow Meter For Well Testing

Production rate from oil wells is simpler and less costly because of Agar’s advanced technologies. Our patented 0-100% microwave energy absorption technology for oil/water measurements has revolutionized well testing when well test separators are used. Learn More

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