Based on Agar’s Interface Detector (ID), the Profiler ID-201P consists of multiple sensors mounted on a single shaft. Each Agar sensor has the ability to generate a measurement that represents either a single point or a section along the shaft.

Advantages of the Profiler ID-201P

  • Modular design enabling point as well as length measurement
  • Direct measurement
  • Robust and highly reliable
  • Real-time measurement
  • Designed to handle higher temperatures
  • High resolution measurements
  • Non-nuclear
  • No moving parts
  • Easy to transport and install
Profiler ID-201P

The Profiler ID-201P can measure elevations of vapor/liquid, vapor/foam and oil/water interfaces as well as measure the percentage of water in emulsions at different elevations in any tank or process vessel. Thus, the Profiler can measure the fluid continuously along the shaft (from the bottom to the top of the tank), or it can measure the fluid properties at a specific elevation.

It delivers real time data that can be used for tank inventory calculation, flow control and process optimization including separation processes and desalting of crude oil, control of chemical injection rates and tank dewatering. Since the Agar Profiler ID-201P is installed directly into the process unit providing direct fluid measurement, no further data manipulation is required.

The Profiler ID-201P is based on prior patents from Agar for energy absorption technology, microwave technology, and density technology.

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