The Agar OW-300 Series oil/water meters determines liquid-in-liquid concentrations by measuring the complex permittivity properties of the flow stream using a multiple high frequency method. Typical applications include crude oil and finished product pipeline monitoring, water in slop oil, glycol and water, and aqueous/organic measurement.

OW – 301

Spool Piece design available for 1″ to 4″ flow lines.

It measures hydrocarbon/water mixtures over the range of 0-40%, water (oil continuous emulsions). Its accuracy of measurement will not be affected by changing salinity, density, viscosity, and temperature of the components being analyzed.

The sensor should be mounted in a location where the fluid will be well mixed (normal recommendation is vertical flow upwards). The spool piece is available in an “L” or “S” shaped design. In addition, the OW-301 will have a stable performance in common pipelines when the fluid composition changes regularly.

Agar OW-302

OW – 302

Consists of a primary insertion-type probe featuring an insertable sensor with a seal housing for installation and retraction while the pipeline is in service and under pressure for flow lines 6” and larger.

The OW-302 is mounted perpendicular to the flow in a vertical section with ascending flow at a point where the fluids are well mixed to ensure proper measurement. Common installation requires a 2” full port isolation valve connected directly to the nozzle flow line.

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