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Petronas Carigali in Malaysia Commends the Performance of Agar Probes

AgarCorp Sdn in Malaysia continues to secure major contracts with local operators for the installation of probes and solutions. Recently, the office delivered additional Interface Detection (ID) probes for Petronas Carigali's MIRI Crude Oil Terminal tanks.

The ID-200 Series Interface Detectors are used for interface measurement and control in all types of liquid/liquid and vapor/liquid separation processes including emulsions and foam. The ID-200 Series' advanced control capabilities can be used to automate upset responses, antifoam and demulsifier chemical feed systems, and eliminate cross-contamination of separating phases.

The new probes will be used to provide control and monitoring of oil-water interface levels and produced water discharge for newly installed free water knockout (FWKO) vessels located within the terminal. Mohamad Morshidi, a senior resident engineer for Petronas Carigali, says the company has consistently relied upon Agar probes to provide a high level of efficiency with a minimal amount of maintenance.

"Our experience with similar types and models of Agar probes currently in operation shows that the devices have a high operating reliability and only require minimal maintenance since originally being installed at MCOT in 1996."

As Agar continues to set the standard for providing highly effective solutions for everyday production and facility challenges, we look forward to continuing a long and successful relationship with Carigali and other companies operating in the South Pacific region.

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